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About Us

How It Works

        Eden Natural Foods Co-op is a pickup service that brings your prepaid healthy, natural, farm-fresh food to the North Dallas area.  Due to our unique setup, when you order products using our website you are actually purchasing them at that time from small, family-owned farms in North and East Texas. biweekly, we pick up your fresh products from these farms and bring them back to our location in Lucas, TX (in the vicinity of Parker Rd. & Country Club Rd.), where you can drop by and get them.  If you wish to order from our site and receive specific pick-up location information and special announcements, you must sign up for our Email list using the simple form on our Home Page.  You may also send us a message to us via our Contact Us Page.  Last-minute requests for information may not be answered in time to resolve your issue, so please don't wait until the last minute.  We do not offer shipping or delivery for products. You are solely responsible for picking up your order from the co-op location at the designated pickup times, as well as for the cost of the order.

        Pickup days (when you pickup your purchases from the co-op location) are biweekly.  Please sign up for our email list to get updated information on current biweekly order cycle:

        Pick-Up: Friday 1:00pm-7:00pm

        No business is done on Saturday




All orders must be submitted online.  During ordering weeks, the order cycle opens on Tuesday morning (at least in theory-sometimes I don’t get it turned on right away?) and runs through Sunday.  ALL orders must be submitted by Sunday, 10:00 pm, for pickup at the co-op location on the following  Friday. No orders will  be accepted on Mondays.  The website will normally be closed for maintenance all day Monday, but if the site should be open for any reason on Monday, no orders should be entered.  Monday is to be considered a "dead day" for ordering.  


Membership / New-Member Fee

A $20, one-time membership sign-up fee applies to all new members and is payable as part of your second order. Your first order is a tree trial...you can try out the co-op without paying the fee.  For your SECOND order, you MUST select and order our New Member Sign-up Fee from the items listed on the "OTHER" page.  You only need to do this ONE time.  



Products & Pricing

        As an Eden member, you are ordering fresh-from-the-farm, locally grown and raised, real foods! They are nutritionally rich, unprocessed and unadulterated. NOT "enriched" or "fortified",  NOT irradiated, NOT commercially grown, raised, changed, added to or taken away from in any way, shape or form. The farms are operated by health-conscious families who care about what they and their children (as well as what we and our children) eat.
        Product availability may fluctuate. Occasionally it is impossible to know which products will be available until we are at the farm to pick them up. In the event that your order cannot be completely filled by the farm or if an unsatisfactory item needs to be refunded, a credit for the amount of those item(s) will be issued to your account. 
        All products include your payment to the farm plus an Eden Natural Foods Co-op pickup fee which covers our costs in picking up your purchases.




You are responsible for picking up your order during the stated pick up hours and verifying the accuracy of your order at pick up time.  


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